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A team of professionals with over three decades of global experience in marketing, design, communication and events put their minds together, the result of this cerebral collision was a potent magic potion: Cobalt: the catalyst of ideas big and small.
Ideas that are capable of changing perceptions, understanding of consumer patterns and behavior, in an ever expanding unpredictable universe of chaos.
We create experiences linked none other. How we do this, is pretty simple. While we take brands seriously, we take the people that matter to them even more seriously - ergo, clients leverage Cobalts unique integrated marketing services and insights primarily to visualize the future of brands, position to perfection, create a strong foothold and generate continual demand.
We create successful brands and ideas, giving attention to the minutest of details.
You must be curious about the ingredients that constitute the magic potion to leverage your brand. Our lab is a tidy mess but youll find here what you are looking for.

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  • Cobalt Experiential Marketing Prestige Nugget F - 101, 126, 2nd floor, Infantry road,Bangalore - 560001
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  • 080-42675000 / 001 / 002 / 003 / 004 / 005
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