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Digital Media Consultant BBC Media Action (India) Limited
  • Posted date: March 22, 2021

  • Anywhere in India
About This Company

Established in 1998, BBC Media Action is the international charity of the BBC. Working with media and communication to help...

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Job Description

We are looking to hire a Digital Media Consultant who will work with the creative, research, digital and project management teams, to design and implement a social media strategy for the development, and dissemination of ‘Navrangi Re!’ season 2 on YouTube. In addition, the Consultant will also develop and execute a socialmedia strategy to promote the series on other relevant social media platforms including promotion of season 1 to build the subscriber base for the channel.

We are looking for a person with data-driven content experience who possesses in-depth knowledge and enthusiasm for social media platforms.

Candidates must possess the ability to recognise the strengths and weaknesses of digital platforms as tools for reaching and developing audiences in India. S/he will need the ability to work with content strategy, design and production teams, adapting the social media outputs based on knowledge of the audiences provided by the latest metrics.
The Consultant will play an important role in helping to deliver a coherent social media experience for our audiences, working closely with the project, creative and production, digital and research teams, to maximise engaged reach with the projects’ target audiences.
Candidates must have the ability to identify specific content, platforms, partnerships, and opportunities for amplification of the content. They must also demonstrate experience and expertise in working on content and dissemination on YouTube.
Candidates will be expected to work to the timelines to complete the deliverables listed below.

Main duties and responsibilities:

• Identify and recommend approach(es) to source relevant data about the project’s target audience trends on YouTube spanning demographics, psychographics, content preferences, content engagement trends, popular content creators and influencers.
• Process and provide data driven insights for content and creative, promotion and research strategies.
• Support the procurement of a digital media agency for developing the promotion strategy and implementation plan for Navrangi Re! season 2 on YouTube. This includes contributing to the development of ToR, identifying potential list of agencies, contributing to developing the evaluation matrix etc.
• Manage and work closely with the selected digital media agency and internal stakeholders to design and implement the promotion strategy and implementation plans.
• Prepare the final promotion strategy note/presentation for stakeholder approval.
• Work closely with the creative and production team to work out a detailed content plan for the promotion strategy.
• Create a content scheduling calendar and ensure timely publishing of the content as per the promotion plan.
• Day to day engagement with social media agency for efficient implementation of promotion plan.
• Work closely with the agency to generate daily, weekly, and monthly analytics dashboards as per the defined KPIs to reveal insights on the viewership and engagement pattern of the show and translate them into actionable initiatives.
• Provide inputs to the research plan for concept testing and impact evaluation.
• Stay up to date on current benchmark trends and audience preferences and stay up to date with the latest social media best practices and technologies/tools.
• Coordinate and ensure smooth communication with internal and external stakeholdersWork closely with the creative and project teams to ensure timely approvals, so that the timelines can be adhered to
• Work with the project management team to maintain documentation of all key process, data, insights, strategies, plans, notes from important meetings (concept notes/presentation/reports etc.)
• Organise and archive all data and material and hand them over to Associate Director (WASH) by end of the consultancy period.
• Uphold the BBC Editorial, Social Media and Data Protection guidelines for all outputs and external communications produced for the project.

Other/Special Requirements

Key Deliverables and Timelines




D etailed w o rkplan o n the implementatio n o f so cial media strategy fo r the

develo pment, and disseminatio n o f ‘N avrangi Re!’ seaso n 2 o n Y o uTube

A pril 2021

Final no te o n data driven insights o n audience and co ntent co nsumptio n

patterns o n Y o uTube

A pril 2021

Suppo rt in pro curement o f digital media agency fo r the design and

implementatio n o f N avrangi Re!

May 2021

Pro mo tio n strategy fo r Seaso n 1 o n Y T channe l

May 2021

Pro mo te seaso n 1 o n Y o uTube

May 2021

Final so cial media pro mo tio n and implementatio n strategy fo r seaso n 2

June 2021

Final co ntent plan fo r the pro mo tio n strategy fo r seaso n 2

July 2021

Final co ntent scheduling calendar fo r the pro mo tio n strategy seaso n 2

July 2021

Publish co ntent as per the co ntent scheduling calendar

July 2021

W o rk clo sely w ith the agency to generate daily, w eekly and mo nthly

analytics dashbo ards as per the defined KPIs to reveal insights o n the

view ership and engagement pattern o f the sho w and translate them into

actio nable initiatives.

May to February 2022

Suppo rt pro ject management team to o rganise and archive all data and

material o n pro mo tio n strategy

February 2022


Desired Knowledge, Skills and Experience

• Substantial kno w ledge and demo nstrated experience o f designing and implementing pro mo tio n strategy fo r launching co ntent o n Y o uTube including pro mo ting it o n o ther so cial media platfo rms
• Excellent understanding and experience o f industry trends, audience co nsumptio n behavio ur, so cial media to o ls and big data to drive targeted traffic and engagement to the platfo rm
• Excellent kno w ledge o f Y o uTube eco system and o ther so cial media platfo rms like Facebo o k, Tw itter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, G o o gle+
• Understanding o f SEO and w eb traffic metrics, building subscriber base fo r the Y o uTube channel
• G o o d understanding o f so cial media KPIs and experience in using so cial listening to o ls like
C ro w dTangle
• D emo nstrated understanding o f fo rging partnerships w ith so cial media platfo rms, co ntent creato rs, influencers and o ther industry players.
• W ell-netw o rked in the digital media industry
• Basic understanding o f so cial and behavio ur change co mmunicatio n and develo pmental campaigns

Location/Reporting and Contract duration

  •  The Consultant will be required to work for a maximum of fifteen (15) days every month during the contract tenure, starting 15th April’21 to 28th February 2022. to complete the deliverables.
  • Outputs will be mutually agreed on an ongoing basis and will have to be delivered by Consultant.
  • They will report to the Associate Director and will work closely with others on the project, the creative and production team and the project management team.
  • This is a part time assignment, and the Consultant may accept other consultancies provided there is no conflict of interest with the work at BBC Media Action during the consultancy period.
  • This contract may be extendable based on mutually agreed terms.



  • Graduate/ Post Graduate
  • 5 to 8 yrs.
Contact Person:
  • Ms Suchi Verma
  • As Per Industry Standards
How to Apply:
  • Email your resume at hr@in.bbcmediaaction.org

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