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  • Posted date: September 01, 2021

  • Bangalore
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Job Description

Primarily the responsibility will be to evolve, develop, establish and manage the Media functions at H.O. Bangalore and help whenever sought in the sphere of media functions for branch office also. Functional details are as follows:

1. Get the best deals from Print media/electronic media/outdoor media.
2. Build good relationship between clients/media peoples.
3. Assist the Business development team in the pitch presentation.
4. Formulating system and formats required for proper documentation and smooth functioning of the Media departments.
5. Identifying the resources needed for the Media department and forward the demand for the application in the various projects of the department.
6. Keeping a track of the processes in the Media department, delegating and distribute job effectively to the team members and getting the work accomplished on time.
7. Build archives of all the work done or got done - published/used or un published/un used. This includes all work- print, electronic, outdoor etc. (Client wise and date wise)
8. Not to work on personal or other media assignments not related to Manipal Advertising Clients while working at the office.
9. Not to divulge information of the Clients to whom so ever concerned outside the office.
10. To treat all information provided pertaining to the job assignment strictly confidential and keep all references so provided safely and return after use.
11. Although the working timings are specified, but at times when required you will have to be flexible to work beyond the specified hours to complete the job.

This position will call for reporting directly to the Branch in charge and will also be liable to undertake any other job entrusted by the Finance Advisor / Group Chairman apart from the above-mentioned responsibilities.

  • Graduate/ Post Graduate
  • 2 to 6 yrs.
Contact Person:
  • Anjali C
  • As Per Industry Standards
How to Apply:
  • Email your resume at anjali.c@manipal.com